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Wet Serum combines the magic of CBD with a trace of THC to explode sensory pleasure and uninhibited arousal. This coconut oil-based intimate serum promotes the biochemical process of self-lubrication and its soothing effect on the skin cells relax you with or without your partner(s) to help achieve maximum satisfaction. To get the most effect, apply the serum (3-5 pumps) 10-30 minutes prior to engagement. You can always apply more as needed. This allows for penetration and activating the relaxing and soothing effects, Wet Serum is also pH balanced to not disrupt optimal vaginal conditions. Stop use and consult a healthcare professional if you experience any abnormal side effects.

Lubricates and stimulates increasing sensual arousal, protects against abrasion.

Promotes and maintains a healthy reproductive environment.

PH balanced for females, non-irritating pleasurable scent.

About Super Infused Oils

SuperInfusedOils is wholly owned by QualCann Inc., a leader in the production of pure and 100% natural hemp oils extracted from the finest hemp on earth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kimberly Turner
Holistic Happiness

Our emotional and physical connection has improved, and we attribute this newfound happiness to our new fantastic Wet Serum.

Brian Allen
All-Natural Attraction

The natural ingredients not only make us feel good about using it, but they've noticeably enhanced our intimate moments. Our relationship feels more authentic and grounded.

Nancy Reed
Effortless Euphoria

Application is a breeze, and the results are transformative. We've reached new heights of satisfaction, all thanks to this natural wonder.

Mark Lewis
Eco-Love Boost

We hate chemicals so knowing that we're using a natural product with no added anything gives us peace of mind. Our relationship feels more in tune with nature, and with each other.

Kevin Moore
Effortless Elation

The ease of use is unmatched! One single application, and we're ready for an evening of deep connection and satisfaction.