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Speed up recovery, lower inflammation, and enhance focus the natural way.




Any athlete, professional or recreational, will tell you that peak performance hinges on the ability to rest and recover effectively. Cannabinoids are a safe and sustainable way to manage recovery and pain with no known side effects. QualCann’s formulas support faster post-training recovery by lowering pain sensation and regulating inflammation. It also acts on the central nervous system, promoting sedative and relaxing effects. Our Super Infused MCT Oil provides a safe, effective, and affordable dose of high CBD dosage per day. Athletes in need of stronger dosage, supplement themselves with the more powerful Comfort Max Wellness Formula with CBDA. QualCann’s Turn Off Drops brings the trifecta with the sedative CBN in the formula to rest the body and mind for a more peaceful, deep, and regenerative sleep. Combine with Super Infused Comfort Topical Oil,  as a recovery massage oil and see muscle regeneration and recovery get to work quickly!




The Underlying Science

CBD, CBDA, CBN, and THC are the cannabinoids found in this package (Super Infused MCT Oil, Comfort Max, Turn Off Drops, Super Infused Comfort Topical Oil) and come to you just as they are found in nature: full spectrum. Full spectrum retains all other organic compounds that accompany these cannabinoids, so they are more easily absorbed and used by your body. This package gives you a combination that supports rapid muscle recovery after intense physical activity. After a steady intake, it starts to accumulate in specific tissues and slowly liberates a constant dosage of cannabinoids into your system, helping to regulate and reduce inflammation and pain.  When the Super Infused Comfort Topical Oil is applied over sore muscles and painful areas and it’s combined with the regiment of functional dietary supplement oils in the bundle, the athlete is supporting recovery both internally and externally.