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Dive into a replenishing sleep and feel ready to challenge the world.




No matter who you are, the quality of your sleep is essential to your recovery and state of wellbeing. “Turn Off Drops” is QualCann’s strongest sleep formula with an all-natural plant sedative called CBN or Cannabinol. Blended with CBD and a very small trace of THC, this full spectrum formula has an all-star cast of relaxing and sedating components. It may take up to 1.5 hours to take effect, so timing can be varied according to metabolism rate.  So for those times you can’t fall asleep or want to fall back asleep fast a faster delivery system is in needed.  That is where our “Turn Off Vape” with CBN comes into play by delivering vapor to your blood stream through the lungs requiring no metabolizing, therefore its effects are much faster. The sleep vape is great for falling asleep and for falling back asleep in natural way with no know side effects.

With this bundle you will not let insomnia keep you up at night and you will be able to get the full and restful sleep you deserve.




The Underlying Science

“Turn Off Drops” is QualCann’s potent sleep formula with CBN. The molecule CBN is associated with sedation processes, sleep-inducing effects, and may also act as a modulator of glutamate release, which could have implications for the treatment of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.