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Experience a whole new level of arousal and enjoyment with a simple topical application.




Arousal is all about being relaxed and present in the moment, and there is nothing more naturally relaxing than hemp. Our Wet Serum has a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile of CBD, THC, and minor cannabinoids to bring maximum relaxation to the skin, enhancing pleasure sensation in the nerve endings in contact with the serum. We recommend combining with a micro-dose of Bliss Drops under the tongue 30-60 minutes before engagement for an elevated mental, physical, and spiritual experience. Add our Super Infused Comfort Topical Oil for a stimulating and soothing massage. Give yourself and your partner the gift of enhanced sensations and satisfying experiences. 



The Underlying Science

This intimate serum promotes the biochemical process of self-lubrication while maintaining pH-balanced optimal vaginal conditions. The different cannabinoids present in the formula enhance nerve ending stimulation, promote circulation, and supports a rapid recovery of the tissues exposed to friction. We recommend using Wet Serum in combination with Bliss Drops and our Super Infused MCT Oil.